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Artisan Made Home Décor - Antique Eastern European Heritage Textiles

At Lineage Botanica, we are not simply manufacturers of goods, but conveyers of stories, old and new. Each product embodies multiple narratives - of the artisan that crafted it, the tradition it comes from, and the materials and techniques that went into it. We strive to preserve and revitalize those stories by literally stitching together the ancient and the new with care and purpose. When you purchase our extraordinary home provisions, you become the steward of the story, carrying on the narrative for generations to come.

New Heritage Textiles. Up-Cycled. Organic.

The elegance of Lineage Botanica is conveyed in the narratives of each creation. We envision a contemplative lifestyle brand where every element of home-life is a touchable, usable treasure.

About Betsy Fields

Nomadic traveler and adventurer. Corporate executive and creative director. Natural healer and artisan. Designer and mother. Entrepreneur. Betsy Fields, founder of Lineage Botanica (LB) is on a mission. In her own words: “I have a passionate interest in becoming an advocate and facilitator for rural artisan women (and men) that need to have a greater sense of place, economic integrity, and a voice in diminishing marginalized communities. Lineage Botanica embodies a lifetime of broad experiences, knowledge and a desire to share with the world what lies hidden behind the veils of poverty and old world traditions. There is so much physical beauty, history, and cultural legacy sitting quietly, unseen and unheard. Some of these are of my own heritage and some will be yours. We are all interconnected.”


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Subtle, beautiful woven runner is just beautiful!

Lindy B.

The apron is fabulous. I even love the hand embroidered patch on the bottom. It's just what I had envisioned. Knowing the journey that it took to become a useful re-purposed tool makes it even more cherishable.

Prairie R.

Love this bag. Planning on purchasing several more as gifts !

Romain C.

Do the Right Thing

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