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Haliste are a unique and specific heritage textile made in the Rodope Mountains of Bulgaria. Used for a carpet, a blanket and oncer a shepherd's  coat, they were made to serve many purposes and once highly coveted. Traditionally halishte were found throughout the region where Northern Greece and Southern Bulgaria meet. The Karakachan sheep once flourished in the high altitude ranges and the wool was plentiful. Now an endangered species the Karakachan sheep are protected. Part of our mission is to keep heritage traditions and lineage arts alive. Supporting the making of these unique rugs is what we are passionate about.

Handwork is our signature for our organic and sustainable home edition natural home products. Perfect for the bedroom, living room, porch, or any Modern to Farmhouse style home interior. Eclectic is our style-guide, functional is our design solution and cozy has become the perfect “new normal” stay at home trend.