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We believe that our skin and environment are sacred and deserving of the finest care imaginable. Every ingredient in every product we make is curated, sourced, and designed for our well-being. Made in Ojai.

What is special and unique about our offerings is that they are formulated solely for you. Not for big sales, or hype, or accolades. Each ingredient is meant to nourish your skin, heal what ails you, and allow your inner beauty to shine through. Naturally, as it should be.

Organic, water and alcohol-free, fresh-small batch, plastic-free, zero waste, ethically sourced, mindfully made.

The Lineage Botanica brand models ethical practices through our commitment as a B-Corp business that fully embraces social enterprise as a positive way forward. Eco-friendly products are our future. Being a social enterprise means caring about the holistic nature of everything and everyone we touch.

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