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Shawls / Scarves

We discovered the weavers of our scarves and shawls through Indian organizations that support artisan weavers in marginalized communities through training and economic opportunities. We wanted to partner with them to give. And giving to us means enabling talent to be seen and shared. It means giving heritage textiles a second thought in understanding what the value of tradition brings to community. And most importantly it is giving new generations the tools, materials and language they require to express their heritage. The vernacular of textiles is larger than the finished product. It connects the community through ceremony, livestock raising, long-standing traditions, rights of passage from birth to death, and identity within a particular region.

A shout out to 7 Weaves who sponsors weavers through educational training programs and creates venues for the weavers to show and celebrate their work and one another. They are bridging the gap between poverty and cultural survival. 

The Lineage Botanica brand models ethical practices through our commitment as a B-Corp business that fully embraces social enterprise as a positive way forward. Eco-friendly products are our future. Being a social enterprise means caring about the holistic nature of everything and everyone we touch.