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Indigo Pattern Catalog

Hungarian Kékfestő workshops are rare now. Once there were over 1200, now sadly only five remain active. These lineage workshops, called Kékfestő (blue dyer) are passed from generation to generation. Lineage Botanica uses traditional indigo dyes because we want this piece of artisan heritage to stay alive. Both synthetic and true indigo are used in the workshops. The industrialized world has brought easier solutions to the craft, however we think that old school traditions are best kept by using them. Nothing compares to the rich hues and alchemy of real indigo. Please welcome our collected pattern catalog.


Our Lineage Botanica design team artistically combines heritage and contemporary eco-friendly organic hemp and cotton materials, to create our unique, one-of-a-kind, and limited edition collectible throws. Handwork is our signature for our organic and sustainable home edition natural home products. Adorned with tassels, hand mending, and stitching. Perfect for the bedroom, living room, porch, or any Modern to Farmhouse style home interior. Eclectic is our style-guide, functional is our design solution and cozy has become the perfect “new normal” stay at home trend.