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Handwoven antique Hungarian wax resist indigo hemp - BG32

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Crafted to use with our apothecary collections and more, our bags are created from an assortment of hand woven antique Hungarian hemp textiles.  Some are crafted from our Indigo fabrics. Some are crafted from rolls of grain sack cloth. All are unique. Each bag comes with an envelope to ensure you have essentials within easy reach.

Designed for the ultimate organizer, we have made it easy to find everything when you open your bag. We lined the interior perimeter with space holders f(sewn in cloth slips) for all of your items along with ample  space in the center of your bag that can hold your filled cloth envelope or anything else you may want.

The envelope is for easy access to essentials. We considered these for your face ritual. A place for cleanser, toner, serum and creme that easily slips in and out of your larger kit. They can be used for medicines or other items as well. Like the kits they have a central organizing component with sewn in cloth slips for securing your things in place. We tried tour best o think of everything.

Sold separately: Envelope bag

When purchasing your bag(s) please go to the apothecary page and see what you may need to fill them. Everything we make is available in travel sizes. Bon Voyage!